Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dale Sveum to hold bunting tournament; 11 more days until the Cubs first spring training game

The Cubs' first-ever bunting tournament will officially start tomorrow.  The tourney is set up bracket-style, with a total of 64 competitors, including Cubs manager Dale Sveum and conditioning coach Tim Buss, who is taking over Chris Carpenter's spot. 

The half field that the bunt tourney will take place on will be marked with a grid that will give each bunt between 10-40 points (depending on location).  Sveum started the tourney when he managed in the Minor Leagues with the Pirates.  “I always remembered it and always wanted to do something like that if I took over as manager,” Sveum said. “I thought it would be fun for the team and break things up a little bit and have a little fun with it. It’ll be fun as we go along, especially when we get to the sweet 16.”

The official bunting tournament bracket (Photo from Paul Sullivan)

Chris Carpenter, who was traded to the Red Sox yesterday as part of the Theo Epstein compensation package tweeted yesterday, "Want to thank the cubs organization for the very memorable 4 years, met alot of great people. Will never forget you guys."  Best of luck to Carpenter in Boston!

Sveum said once he figures out the Opening Day lineup, he plans on sticking with it.  “[Playing time] is all left up to them and how they are doing at the time,” Sveum said. “But there is no platoon situation in mind for anybody at all.”

Tomorrow is the official reporting day for Cubs position players and Friday will be the first full squad workout.  Only 11 more days until the Cubs have their first spring training game against the Oakland A's!

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