Monday, January 25, 2016

Guess Which Team is Ranked #1 for Their Starting Rotation in 2016?

That's right, the CUBS!  What?  Yes, you read that correctly.  If anyone had said even just a year ago that the Cubs would be ranked as having the #1 starting rotation, not many people would have believed it, including myself.

The USA today article ranks all 30 MLB teams in terms of their starting rotations.  It's definitely worth a read.

Cubs starting pitcher Jake Arrieta pitching during the NL Wildcard game in 2015 (Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports Images)

As a bonus after reading the article, you can even vote on which team you think will have the best starting rotation in 2016.  (Right now the Mets are in 1st place with 57.57% of the vote, with the Cubs in 2nd place with 15.05%, so us Cubs fans need to get voting!)

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